New Back Piece Tattoo Work from D-M Tattoo Studio

Mikoto Back Piece Tattoo 19

New back piece tattoo artwork added from D-M Tattoo Studio. To view all work uploaded CLICK HERE.

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Horisui Back Piece Tattoo Art

Tattoos Horisui Ichimon 30

Tattoo artist Horisui Ichimon from Sendai in Japan has a great range of work from his tattoo studio Horisui.

Horisui’s traditional style features strong, simple designs.

To see all of his back piece tattoo work CLICK HERE.

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New Artwork Uploaded – Bonten Family Horiken

Bonten IV Tattoo Back Piece 13

Check out the back piece tattoo artwork from this fourth generation tattoo artist of the Bonten family. We will feature work from other members of this family over the coming months.

CLICK HERE to see all of Bonten IV’s back piece tattoos.

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2 Crows Tattoo Studio – New Tattoos Uploaded

2Crows Back Piece Tattoo 19

2 Crows Tattoo Studio’s traditional style is a great example of Japanese back piece tattoo art. Koi, Samurai, Oni and Dragons feature heavily in the work from this Saitama artist.

CLICK HERE to see all of 2Crows’ work.

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New Tattoos – Hiroshi Sakakibara

Hiroshi 11

Coming from Nagoya, and owning a studio with arguably the best name: ‘Boobies Black Rebel‘, Hiroshi Sakakibara has an impressive range of work.

To view all of his tattoo artwork CLICK HERE.

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New Tattoo Artwork Uploaded

Horimitsu Style 07

Mitsu of the Ikebukuro tattoo studio: Honey Tattoo, has a great range of work – to see all of his back piece tattoos CLICK HERE.

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Welcome to!


After months in development we have now launched! is dedicated to bringing you back piece tattoo artwork from Japan’s best tattoo artists.

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